About Us

At AC*E (Asian Creatives and Entrepreneurs), our mission is to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem that empowers and uplifts individuals within the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, encompassing artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike. Through the provision of essential resources, mentorship, and opportunities, we are committed to fostering creativity, innovation, networking and entrepreneurship. Our dedication lies in amplifying the voices of AAPI creatives and entrepreneurs, celebrating cultural diversity, and fostering sustainable socio-economic growth within our community.

Caroline Iles

Caroline is a digital creator with a passion for creativity and innovation. With a keen eye for detail and a love for all things design, Caroline brings a unique perspective to every project she undertakes. Some of her past experiences include interior design, graphic design, social media, and real estate marketing. Using her design background she supports minority-owned small businesses. Her adventurous spirit extends beyond her work. As a self-proclaimed foodie, she enjoys exploring different cuisines and flavors when eating out or trying a new recipe. She also has a love for dogs. Caroline's dedication to her craft and various passions helps her bring a unique blend of creativity, compassion, and curiosity to everything she does. Caroline currently serves on the ACE Pop Up team as the Director of Social Media.

Angie Zhou

Angie is an artist & an activist who always wanted to utilize her passion for art to benefit the community. While she previously lived in NYC, in 2015 she moved to California to pursue a dual masters in International Development and International Management through the school of Global Policy & Strategy at UCSD. This is when she began creating the outline for her dream nonprofit, The Giving Canvas. Angie was among the initial founding team at ACE Pop Up and currently serves as the Vice-President & Co-Treasurer.

Faith Zeng

Faith Zeng is a new media artist based in Brooklyn with an interest in augmented reality and interactive installations. She is also the producer at Pariah Interactive, an XR and video game development studio, where she has produced work shown at MoMA, Tribeca Fest, and Superblue Miami. Faith has a small business, Sad Boiz Co, where she sells handmade colorful jewelry and crafts that feature a ._. face. In her free time, Faith loves being involved in her church’s young adults ministry, visiting museums,and playing couch co-op games. Faith was among the initial founding team at ACE Pop Up and currently serves as the Secretary & Director of Vendor Engagement.

Jason Zhu

Jason founded Nen Creative, a full-service design studio that works with pioneering companies, funds, and brands. Some notable clients he works with include Andreessen Horowitz, Mantis (The Chainsmokers fund), Pear VC, The University of Pittsburgh, Tech Week, and Wildr. Before Nen Creative, Jason co-founded Parthean, a financial education company, and worked as a freelancer with clients like Google and Priceline. Outside of work, he paints, gardens, and writes. Jason also holds a degree in design from Carnegie Mellon University. Jason was among the initial founding team at ACE Pop Up and currently serves as the Design Lead & Director of Communications.

Lea Khy

Lea is a young professional in the nonprofit/social impact space, with experience in program management, volunteer coordination, advocacy communication, grant writing, grant compliance, and operations. She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College, majoring in International Studies and minoring in 1) Politics & Human Rights and 2) Law & Ethics. Lea aspires to do her part to help uphold human rights, advance social justice, and uplift communities all around her. As a creative, Lea finds joy and fulfillment in physically creating things with her hands. In particular, she enjoys cooking, crocheting, rubber-stamp printing, pottery, and more! She currently serves on the ACE Pop Up team as the Director of Philanthropy. In this role, Lea is the main point of contact for the volunteers and she provides support with fostering partnerships and sponsorships.

Mai Vang

Mai was among the initial founding team at ACE Pop Up and currently serves an Advisory Board Member. Mai’s parents were refugees that were brought to the US under a peace treaty signed by President Regan during WWII. Mai, one of seven children, moved to Denver, CO in 2000 and obtained a BS in Health information management from Regis University. Her love for business and school led to her graduating in April 2016 with an MBA. Mai works for years in healthcare IT software consulting including at NYU Langone. Mai also co-founded Saucey Boy LLC, and currently co-owns and operates a restaurant in Washington.

Trinity Lin

Trinity is a business technology consulting professional, and a lifelong learner. She has a creative soul with a business mindset, and a passion for helping creatives and entrepreneurs. She grew up in a Chinese restaurant in Michigan, and has been calling NYC home since 2016. Beyond identifying with and trying to serve the AAPI community, she believes in building bridges to other underrepresented communities and serving as an ally. In the past few years she has connected with over 50 small businesses in various industries, including food and beverage, fashion, and visual art. Trinity was among the initial founding team at ACE Pop Up. As President and Co-Treasurer of ACE, Trinity aims to continue growing opportunities with AAPI market events, panels/talks, and unique empowering social/cultural events.

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