Moshi was created to bring the full experience of yuzu to you. Made with 100% yuzu juice sourced straight from Japan, each bottle of Moshi Yuzu Sparkling captures the tart and fragrant flavors of yuzu in an easy, accessible, and delicious way.

Moshi is made with Japanese Yuzu sourced directly from Kōchi, Japan. Kōchi Prefecture is a leading runner in promoting eco and consumer friendly agriculture, and is the largest producer of fresh yuzu in Japan! Every year, Kōchi celebrates the Yuzu Harvest Festival where all kinds of delicacies and treats made with the fruit can be enjoyed.


Yuzu is a citrus fruit unlike any other. Native to Japan, this superfruit is a hybrid of a mandarin orange and the ichang papeda. Yuzu fruits have large seeds and a very thick rind which is packed full of essential oils that lend to its iconic aroma. Yuzu is used in cooking, baking, sweets, skincare, and at Moshi, we use it to make our refreshing sparkling drinks!