Boundless Nest

Welcome to my site! I’m here because I believe that the closer to balance and alignment we are, the closer we are to joyfully living our own truths. I started my journey to reach more balance and alignment when I left my corporate job at one of the largest multinational tech companies in Manhattan during the summer of 2018 to take a year long break. During that time, I turned to my Vietnamese roots as a guide to (re)explore tools, rediscover nature, and reconnect with communities that would ultimately help me come back into alignment, empowerment, and freedom in all aspects of my life. The deciding factor of whether or not I should ever return back to work happened after my Dad’s death that very same year of my break. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was there for myself and my family. I finally felt the presence of time and its relationship with actual meaning. The complexities of life can often shift one's overall well-being, and through personal practices and living a more simple life, I’ve been able to not only live more consciously, but also share whatever I can with others so they too can find their own balance and restoration. I am a Reiki III Practitioner under the Usui System of Natural Healing attuned by Reiki Masters Aki Baker and Manu Del Prete, a Meditation Facilitator with a 100-Hour Meditation Certification from the Nalanda Institute, and also an End of Life Doula trained with INELDA where I'm wanting to shift our cultural perception of death. I own and operate a small business, Boundless Nest, where I create handmade products and mindfulness goods. Whether it's through group or individual sessions, I am here to work alongside you whenever you feel called for. I look forward to meeting you. XOXO, Thinh ‘Tawn’ (she/they)