Bowl Cut Table

We’re a group of eight Asian American women who have been cooking family-style dinners together on a near weekly basis since 2017, and in true New York City fashion, it all started in a one bedroom apartment with a 26 square foot kitchen. (Not to mention a set of temperamental stove burners and an oven that started a fire *only* once.) But what began as a way for all of us to improve our skills in the kitchen quickly evolved into something bigger. Gathering around a dining table became a way for us to not only feed ourselves—and also the dozens of friends and family we’ve invited over the years—but to engage with our cultures on a deeper level and find comfort in each other’s company. In 2020, we officially launched BCT to share these moments with a wider community with hopes to host dinner parties and cooking workshops. And while those plans were put on pause, we found ourselves jumping head first into a new endeavor: assorted dessert boxes that spoke to our identities, nostalgia, and of course, an affinity for flavors that are “not too sweet.” What we do at BCT is truly a labor of love—which for us, means sharing the healing and nourishing power of home cooked food, while paying homage to our heritage and using it as a tool of resistance.