Goldyn Specs

Angel and Nikki are creators at heart. Having lived in New York City and Hong Kong, Angel is no stranger to the big city. Whether it be adapting to her environment, the culture, or the people she brings a diverse aspect of functionality to the design concepts of the frames. Being a teacher in South Korea expanded Nikki’s passport to many destinations. She is adventurous in her pursuits and is always stylishly ready to explore. Nikki brings the creativity to Angel’s functionality design. Angel and Nikki have visited over 30 countries combined and are never short of an expedition. Recently, the two sisters found themselves daydreaming about a space that could cultivate their passion for creativity with their love of travel and to find a community that inspires and pushes one another forward. 2020 opened an opportunity to unify their creativity and travel establishing Goldyn Specs. The inspiration for Goldyn Specs is the journey of designing a life with purpose and intention.