Knotty Girl Nation

I've never been great at styling my hair. I grew up with a bowl cut and my hair was stuck in a high ponytail all of middle school. As I got older, I finally let my hair down, but still could not braid, style, or work a curling or straightening iron to save my life. At 17, I tried to style my hair with a round brush and a hair dryer, and had to cut my hair out of a brush. At 19, I had my hair frequently styled at work and ended up with a dry, itchy scalp. At 23, I started growing long hair up to my belly button that still had the ends bleached and dyed from 3 years before. Looking for a change, I ended up with uneven Covid-era bangs and could not tame my hair during quarantine. To hide my poor haircut, I turned to headbands, but couldn't find any that were comfortable, stayed on my head and covered my bad haircut. That's when I decided to make my own. Fresh out of college and burnt out from work, I turned my new quarantine hobby, sewing, into a business idea. I started making soft, stretchy reversible headbands to keep my bangs out of the way, and my long hair back. From there, Knotty Girl Nation was born.