/ The question is Why? Or Why Not or How? I often ask myself questions when I create or just in general. / Born and raised in Hong Kong and studied in the UK, earlier of my works are mainly focused on portraits and human emotions. In my works or in the progress of my works, you can see the imagination and confusion of one’s identity. That’s probably why my works often have a sense of sweetness with a twist of something bitter. They are dark, sharp and self-oriented. / I create both physical and digital works with a wide range of mediums, such as ink drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting, collages and sometimes, on my ancient iPad. I also love making weird zines with the motto “children books for adults” to remind the grow-ups on unlearning rules from the society, and embracing their inner child. / In my works, it is not hard to spot playful bounces between the reality and the imagination. I often describes my ways of thinking and my creations as fragments of life, ideas and elements drifting from one place to many others. Hence, sometimes I love turning confusions and curiosities for the world into artworks that are masked with humors and subtle details, in hopes of finding a place in mother nature. / The love of walking in the woods, smelling the trees, swimming in the open water, so and so. What I discover in nature always puts me in awe. Be that the colours, the patterns, how it works, how lives interact and affect each other. It is also a constant reminder for myself or us to reflect. The beauty of perfection and imperfection is what interests me the most and I have started to see that emerging from my works. I make arts but I think nature is the creation itself and what we do is our own version of it. / Be adventurous, and brew your curiosity.