Peach Tao

Peach Tao is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, muralist, and printmaking artist. She loves creating whimsical images inspired by her environments and travelings around the world. She aspires to create works that evoke the feeling of having sweets on a Sunday afternoon :) Born and raised in Beijing, China, she received a BFA in illustration and printmaking from Savannah College of Art and Design. Peach enjoys painting fun murals and windows for all kinds of places throughout NYC and Beijing: public schools, hospitals, small businesses, public spaces, bars and restaurants etc. In the summer of 2020, she paired up with local activist Karlin Chan and founded the Chinatown Mural Project , dedicated to creating colorful and humorous murals that reflect Chinese American life around Manhattan's Chinatown to attract people back into the neighborhood and support local business. The project has been very well-received and was interviewed by CBSnews , NY1 to name a few. She has had the pleasure of working with multiple organizations that are focused in beautifying NYC public schools and spaces through murals, like ThriveCollective, the LISAproject , EastVillageWalls and theBushwickCollective. Her illustration and printmaking art work can also be seen in books, apparels, advertisements and many more. Peach is her nickname because her family name(陶Tao)shares the same pronunciation of Peach(桃Tao)in Chinese.