Sad Boiz Co

Sad Boiz Co. is a jewelry and dorm decor shop started by Faith Zeng, Zoe Wells, and Sarah Peng. These three New York University (NYU) students met at orientation week through their major, Interactive Media Arts. Since week one of their freshman year in 2018, they have been hanging out as friends and collaborating together as artists. In the spring semester of their freshman year, they took an introduction to fabrications class where they learned to use the wood shop tools and laser cutters. In that class, Sad Boiz Co. was born. Faith made the first Sad Boiz Co. product, the cloud pin, for the laser cutter assignment and Zoe made wooden plant holders for the repeatable assignment. In a separate class, Sarah had VR sculpted a lemon with an apathetic face (._.) that inspired Sad Boiz Co.’s branding. Sad Boiz Co. debuted in the spring of 2019 at NYU’s Strawberry Fest and since then, the business has exclusively sold at art markets and pop-ups in NYC. Sad Boiz Co. continues to hand make and sell earrings, pins, stickers, prints, and other items, such as coasters and Christmas ornaments.