Self First Club

We are the SELF FIRST CLUB, a club made to promote self-love via our products; promote the love from within. Our mission is to build a community to spread self-love, to help people find joy and confidence within themselves, and allow them to see that they are not alone when having self-doubt. Because we all struggle with self-doubt, it may vary in different degrees, but it is inside all of us. We often say to ourselves that we are not good enough, not talented enough, not beautiful enough, or not strong enough. These are the self-doubts, the voices inside of ourselves telling us to give up, or that we will never be who we dream to be. That is why the SELF FIRST CLUB was born. To help people find the good in themselves and find the enthusiasm in who they are as their individual. We aim to build a community to educate others about the importance of self-love and promote self-love via our products. The products are run by collection, and each collection is limited. Our collection changes to keep the self-love journey more entertaining. Behind every collection, there is a message behinds it. The self-love journey is an ongoing process. So, join us on this journey to find the best version of yourself through different items that hopefully help express who you are, or simply remind you that you are enough, beautiful, smart, unique in your ways. It's time to choose you first. Tag us @selffirstclub, use the #Ichooseselffirst. Let’s create a community and spread self-love! Happiness starts WITH YOU.