Smith + Parka

Founded in 2014 as a conceptual design studio, Smith + Parka has evolved from a passion project to a lifestyle brand. Based on a foundation of 20 years in the fashion industry, designer and F.I.T. alumni David Lee utilizes his knowledge of menswear tailoring to create unique pieces for everyday use. Specializing in accessories each piece is hand cut and sewn by David. Only using quality materials and trims each detail is carefully curated to create functional designs with an emphasis on minimalism and beauty. Smith + Parka is based in Brooklyn, New York. David’s unique passion dedicated to the craft of creating individuality for the individual is rooted in being born and raised in New York City. Trained in menswear design and tailoring from New York’s Fashion Institute of technology. David’s commitment in the pursuit of intentional design is inspired by arts, community, travel, and an active lifestyle.