Hi, I’m Adam! ♓🌈🇺🇸🇵🇭 STITCH, PLEASE is my baby and I make goods and accessories for everyone ✌️. STITCH, PLEASE started out as a winter hobby embroidering sweatshirts for myself in my Bushwick apartment in 2017. After attending a *particularly* inspiring Creative Mornings lecture, I dared myself to jump face-first into New York City’s queer craft fair scene and did my first pop up at Nowhere’s Holiday Queer Craft Fair in 2018 🖤. I aim to make the vast majority of products domestically. All leather goods are cut and stitched by hand by me and all hand-embroidered goods are done by me as well. Machine embroidered goods are produced in New York City by the cutest couple probably ever 👫. I also work as a Visual Designer at an LGBTQIA+ owned tech company. When I’m not screaming at 90 Day Fiancé while eating waffles in quar, my hobbies include eating, playing tennis, chicken fingers, gymnastics, and cabins with fireplaces.