The Boiis Co

We are The Boiis Co™, a filipinx owned mochi based online dessert shop founded in summer of 2019 by Kert Lasdoce and Aaron Ortega. A few months after, Rivy-Major Oponda officially came onboard with The Boiis Co. And since then we have been known for participating in pop ups and special events. The Boiis Co. was founded by our passion for pushing culinary boundaries to create new flavors that excites your palate. Our company is inspired by the cultural flavors we grew up enjoying as children. We strive to produce premium taste experiences in every sip and bite of our offerings. Our Premium Tofu Mochi Bites are hand-crafted and then fried to take our guests into an explosion of cultural flavors. This, paired up with our signature hand-crafted beverages, will make you wonder why this drink isn’t bottled yet. Mochi + Cookies a.k.a Mooks™, is our latest product yet - It’s a combination of Mochi (rice flour) stuffed inside a delicious shortbread cookie. Our classic flavors are Ube (purple yam), Matcha (green tea) and Salted Caramel. However, each month we add a new monthly / seasonal Mooks flavor. We specialize in Tofu Mochi Bites, Mooks, and handcrafted beverages. We are now based in Sunnyside Queens - we accept local pickups, local delivery, and nationwide shipping.