Fawn & Willow

As a brand, we practice innovation by producing our own products. Everything you see on our website is completely original, made up from our own minds and the minds of our collaborators. We handcraft everything in our own homes, outsourcing and supporting other businesses when necessary in order to supplement and follow through with our own designs. Not only do we design and produce our own products, but we also work with a diverse community of local artisans to give them the chance to explore the realistic demands of their craft. Whether they’re a stay-at-home mom who’s looking for extra income, a full-time worker who loves dedicating time to a hobby on the side, or a beginner entrepreneur who wants to make moves without too much financial risk, we help them in finding exactly what their niche market is and how they can nurture it. We do this by helping them sell their products and coaching them on the logistics of running a business.*